After his girlfriend left him, Danny Wallace’s attitude to everything was negative. His passion for life had gone. He refused his friends’ invitations and sent ‘happy birthday’ emails instead of going to parties. He texted instead of phoning, and phoned people instead of visiting. He became the man who always had an excuse.

One day a mystery man said three magic words to Danny. A stranger had a simple philosophy ‘Say ‘Yes’ more’. Danny decided to try an experiment. It was the beginning od Danny’s adventures.

In the next six months he continued to say’yes’ and his life got better.As a result, he became a politician and an inventor and met the Buddhist monks. He travelled to some unusual places and he met the woman of his dreams.


A popular magazine recently published a survey about honesty. Virtually everyone who did the survey admitted that they had been dishonest at some time in their lives. But people had different ideas about what was acceptable in different situations.

In the survey, when poeple are given too much change in a shop, a lot of people said they’d return it. However, some people said that it depended on the shop assisstant and the type of shop.

The similar attitude was towards the software and music. Popele said that it was OK to download the music illegally because the companies already got enough money.

It seems that poeple make excuses for their dishonesty so that they don’t feel guilty. They also persuade themselves that it is OK to lie when they don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings. What is right or wrong isn’t always black and white.

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