školsko takmičenje

Primary School: “Isa Bajić“, Kula NAME:____________________________
Date: 1st February, 2019 CLASS:___________


I Circle the correct option: 15 points

1 Everybody_________interested in his story.
a) are b) was c) have been d) will

2 I’m almost _____________my father.
a) tall as b) taller c) as tall d) as tall as

3 Call me when you get home, ____________________?
a) should you b) will you c) shall you d) do you

4 Is there any food left over?
a) Yes, a little. b) Yes, many. c) Yes, a few. d) Yes, lot.

5 What is _________bread made of?
a) an b) a c) — d) some

6 Most people are frightened___________________in public at first.
a) speak b) to speaking c) of speaking d) for speaking

7 Please, help______________to the biscuits! I know you all like them.
a) you b) yourself c) yourselves d) yours

8 I prefer swimming ____________skiing.
a) to b) from c) of d) than

9 The town was________in 1351.
a) founds b) founded c) founding d) finding

10 Paul’s asked for__________spoon because his was not clean.
a) another b) the other’s c) some other d) other

11 I promise I’ll ________my best.
a) make b) give c) work d) do

12 Here is the money you asked me to ____________you.
a) lend b) take c) borrow d) receive

13 I just can’t make up my_________.
a) mind b) opinion c) idea d) decision

14 It happened __________December 1st 2005.
a) in b) at c) to d) on

15 That’s the hotel_____we stayed last year.
a) that b) where c) what d) which

II In each sentence there is only ONE mistake (not a spelling one). Find it and rewrite the corrected sentence. 5 points
1 He always writes on German.____________________________________________________

2 They walked along the Fifth Avenue.______________________________________________

3 What colour is it’s roof?_________________________________________________________

4 France is an European country.___________________________________________________

5 He is interesting in music._______________________________________________________
III Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms/tenses of the verbs given below
10 points

Mr and Mrs Dearly were worried because they (1) (not)__________________find their Dalmatians, Pongo and
Missis. “Hello….! “ (2)___________________Cruella. As she (3)___________________ to the cook (4)
___________________into the hall. “ I (5)_________________them! They (6)______________________________in
the cupboard and Missis (7)______________puppies right now!. She (8) _________________three!” “Excellent!”
Cruelly (9)_________________to smile (10)__________________________about her Dalmatian coat.
IV Ask question for the underlined parts of the sentences. 5 points

Impressionism began in the 19th century in Paris.

Impressionist painters tried to create a photograph.

More people were able to enjoy their paintings because the subjects were from everyday life.

Impressionist painters use colour and light to give the general feeling.

Many of the techniques and subjects are still used in the paintings we see today.


V Use the comparatives or superlatives of the adjectives in the brackets 5 points
John is my good friend, (1-good) ___________I’ve ever had. We share the same ideas but as for school… John likes
mathematics and says it is (2-easy) ________________ subject of all. For him English is
(3- difficult)_______________than maths. He doesn’t like it at all. He thinks English is
(4-little)__________________interesting subject at school, but I don’t. I like English very much,
(5-much)_____________________than any other subject.

Good luck!
I 1-b 2-d 3-b 4-a 5-c 6-c 7-c 8-a 9-b 10-a 11-d 12-c 13-a 14-d 15-b

II 1-He always writes IN German.
2-They walked along Fifth Avenue.
3-What colour is ITS roof?
4-France is A European country.
5- He is INTERESTED in music.

III 1-could not/couldn’t 2-cried 3-was speaking/spoke 4-ran 5-Have just found/’ve just found 6-are 7- is

having 8- has already had/’s already had/already has 9-began 10-thinking

1- When did impressionism begin in Paris?
2- What did impressionist painters try to create?
3- Why were more people able to enjoy their paintings?
4- What do impressionist painters use to give the general feeling?
5- What is still used in the paintings we see today?

V 1-the best 2-the easiest 3-more difficult 4- the least 5-more

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