Priprema za pismeni zadatak



  1. What is a reality show?
  2. What did the participants do in the reality show „Beat the Clock“?
  3. What were the early reality shows like?
  4. What are „Big Brother“ and „Survivor“ like?
  5. Why do people want to take part in reality shows?
  6. How much money did the youngsters in the „Kid Nation“ receive?
  7. Did the young people in „Kid Nation“ enjoy the experience?
  8. What did many people say about the „Kid Nation“?
  9. What is the problem with reality shows now?


  1. Why are the Baevans called the „No Impact“ family?
  2. What are the Baevans trying to do?
  3. Why do the Baevans avoid takeaway food?
  4. What does Colin Baevan say about the experiment?


  1. What does Rebecca Hosking do?
  2. Where does Rebecca Hosking live?
  3. What did Rebecca Hosking see when she was filming in the Pacific?
  4. What did Rebecca Hosking decide to do after filming in the Pacific?
  5. Why it isn’t a good idea to burn plastic?


  1. Novak Đoković b) The Baevans      c) „Kid Nation“      d) Pollution and environment



  1. It is a show based on real people, not actors, in real situations presented as entertainment.
  2. The participants did amusing things within a time limit.
  3. The early reality shows were entertaining and participants and viewers loved them.
  4. They are often cruel and embarrassing for the participants.
  5. People want to take part in reality shows because of the money.
  6. The youngsters received five thousand dollars for taking part in the show.
  7. The young people didn’t enjoy the experience, they were lonely and unhappy.
  8. Many people said that it was wrong to use children for fun and profit.
  9. The problem with reality shows now is that the more they shock, the more successful they are.
  10. They are called the „no impact“ family because they want to reduce their impact on the environment.
  11. They are trying to create less rubbish and use less electricity and fuel.
  12. They avoid takeaway food because it wastes a lot of containers.
  13. He says that the experiment is interesting, but it isn’t always easy.
  14. Rebecca Hosking is a professional camerawoman.
  15. She lives near the coast in the south of England.
  16. When she was filming in the Pacific she saw how plastic was affecting marine life.
  17. She decided to do something in her hometown.
  18. It isn’t a good idea to burn plastic because it poisons the atmosphere.

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