1. A monk lives in a monastery.
  2. A monk is supposed to wear orange robes.
  3. Monks are allowed to have: a bowl, a cup, sandals and an umbrella.
  4. They can’t buy food because they aren’t allowed to have money.
  5. A tie is part of her school uniform.
  6. She has got her house key, her library card and her electronic ID card in her purse.
  7. The ID card gives the information about the classes and students.
  8. It is against the rules to use mobile phones.
  9. Yes, I am. I make my bed and do the washing- up.
  10. My name is… and I am 11. I go to “Isa Bajić” school. I am usually careful and organized.
  11. I am really into tennis. I am not mad about hip hop music but I like parties. I love reading, especially novels.
  12. I love watching TV. I like texting but I don’t mind talking to my friends on the phone.
  13. On my first day of school I was nervous.
  14. When I am naughty my parents punish me.
  15. When I am lonely I watch TV.
  16. I am nervous when I take an exam.

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