The present simple/continuous tense

  Present simple t. Present continuous t.
Positive V+(e)s in 3rd ps sing Am, are, is+V +ing
Interrogative Do, does+v iversion
Negative Do, does+not Am, are, is+not +V+ing
adverbials Every…, usually, sometimes… Now, at this moment, ouch!, listen!,Look!..




Za lakše prepričavanje


Phra Pachak is  thirteen and he is a monk.  A monk doesn’t go out without his robes.

In Thailand most Buddhist boys become monks for a year. A monk lives with almost no possessions.

A monk lives in a monastery and he is supposed to wear his orange robes. A monk doesn’t wear jeans or  T-shirts.

It is against the rules to have  jewellery or mobile phones in the monastery but they are allowed to have some family photos.

Their only other possessions are a bowl, a cup, sandals and an umbrella.

Every day, very early in the morning, they walk around the streets with their bowls and people give them food. They aren’t allowed to have  money so they can’t buy food.

Laura  is fourteen. She is from Stockport, UK.

She doesn’t go out without her school tie and her purse. The tie is part of her school uniform.

She has got her house key, her library card and her  elecrronic ID card in her purse.

Her school is very strict. Thjey use the ID card when they arrive to school and when they go into each class. Thje head teacher doesn’t ask the teachers how many classes they go to. The ID cards give  the head teacher this information.

They use the ID cards to pay for lunch, so they don’ t use money at school. She has got a mobile phone but they are  not allowed to use them at school. It’s against the rules.

Remember this!

People call Stephen Wiltshire  “ a human camera“. He spent twenty minutes in a helicopter above London and later he drew pictures of the city. He doesn’t know the city, he has a photographic memory.

Maximum number of the things people can usually remember from the list is six or seven. But it is possible to train  your brain.

For example Mahvir Jain, from India, memorised eighteen thousand words and their definitions from an English dictionary. His English exams were easy, and now he owns three English schools.

Akira Haraguchi, from Japan, memorised one hundred thousand digits of pi. He recited them in sixteen hours.

Dominic O’ Brien was interested in memory and started to train his brain. He won the World Memory Championships eight times. He memorized two thousand eight hundred and eight cards from fifty-four packs.


Niagara Falls are on the border between Canada and the USA. Although they are not particularly high, they are exceptionally wide. Energy from the falls is now used in a hydroelectric power plant. Niagara Falls (/naɪˈæɡrə/) is the collective name for three waterfalls. Every hour, over 2.5 million liters go over the waterfalls.

Niagara Falls is popular with tourists, and in the past it was also popular with daredevils. Many of them survived but a lot of them died. Some of the daredevils walked on the tightrope over the Falls,  some of them climbed down the rope to a boat and climbed up the rope again. One woman went over the waterfalls in a barrel.

These days daredevil acts are prohibited there and there is a maximum fine of $10,000 (ten thousand dollars).